That’s Not My Name: Polishing

I have all of my mechanics down at this point and I was able to focus on polishing said mechanics, specifically — Player interactions with NPC’s and player movement.

As I didn’t want to have to contact an animator to start animating for me, or at that point it would’ve been me using the Unity Animator and trying to make a walk cycle. Although, I doubt that it would’ve turned out nice or very polished, I was able to give the same effect by adding a dust cloud behind the player when he or she is moving. This gave the effect of player movement, even though none was actually occuring through an animation.

Above is a tweet showcasing the particle effect that I used to produce the walking effect when no animation is present. Doing the movement animation behind a form of smoke and mirrors has encouraged me to continue the practice. In the future, I believe that I will be using forms of smoke and mirrors to achieve and essentially cheat my way to a polished product.