That’s Not My Name — Post-Mortem

During this project, I decided to develop a game about being referred to as something that you’ve asked not to be. Going into the project, I understood that the concept and premise alone can be a sensitive topic or one many people can relate to and wanted to make it as relatable as possible.

Nothing came to mind as much as a JRPG character creation and starting town and how tedious the whole process could be for that. However, the process of creating it was also extremely tedious to develop for which did eat up a fair amount of my development time.

On Screen Keyboard Test.

During the development of this project, the idea and memory of the Character Creation screen from the older Pokémon games being extremely tedious came to mind and I couldn’t resist somewhat implementing that into my first project for the trimester. Having to create each individual key and remembering what I would need for a keyboard became a tedious tasking within itself as I had to make it functional. As I was unware that Unity had a ‘layout’ and ‘CTRL+D’ function that I could’ve been utilising, a lot of time was initially wasted recreating and realigning each button. However, thanks to my peers, I was informed that CTRL + D was a function and so was the layout group and using the Event System, I was able to control it all with the keyboard and recreate the on screen keyboard from the older Pokémon games.

Walking and Talking Test.

Some tasks were even doable in faster amount of time due to my stubbornness to avoid trying out fungus which could’ve been an easier way of doing dialogue in this first project. However, I did manage to get it done by running the following line of code;

if (AiTracker == 1)
Dialogue.Text = “Blah Blah Blah ” + FirstName + “ Blah Blah Blah.”

For those who aren’t that familiar with scripting, the above block of code is essentially saying that if the NPCs identifier is 1, set the text box to display “Blah Blah Blah (FirstName) Blah Blah Blah.”. This did exactly what I wanted but it wasn’t convenient for when I wanted to change dialogue or NPC’s.

Not Everything was tedious for me though. Some tasks, I did actually find joy in completing or working on — for example, the particle system for running. These tasks I did spend a bit too much time on, but they’re also the things people see and respond to in the most positive way.

As seen in the Tweet above, the Particle System occurs when the player moves and stops creating dust clouds when the player stops moving. As I only had minimum knowledge on Particle Systems, It took a lot of time knowing how to start and stop the particle system without destroying all of the previous particles that were already created within the world. On top of that, the visual aspect of it wasn’t quite what I was wanting, because the system was attached to the player and not trailing behind the player, whenever the player turned, there would be a visible gap that would occur from the system rapidly changing angles. I didn’t see the particle system as being too important to the mechanics or the message of ‘That’s Not My Name’, so after about 15 minutes, I went to a programming peer and asked how I can overcome the issue using code. However, a bit too much time was spent on the system as the programmer wasn’t to familiar with how particle systems worked. In the end, the programmer made a block of code that would check when the player turned and place a particle in between the two rotation points, which worked perfectly to what I was wanting.

‘Annoyed Effect’

The ‘Annoyed Effect’ was introduced to clearly convey that a negative thing is happening. I wanted the player to feel as if what is happening on screen isn’t a positive occurence and shouldn’t be happening or be rewarded.

In the future I will find a niche task for myself to focus on so that I can find enjoyment in the simpler and more tedious tasks, doing this would encourage me to put in the extra hours to make a project as good as it can possibly be. Perhaps in the future, I won’t start with the task I believe will be the most time consuming.