Wherefore Art Thou: Pitching Missile Command

Pitching an idea or concept to a client or group is a genius and vital thing to do for any idea you want to bring to fruition. That group or client can tell you what’s good, what’s bad and express their concerns with the development process which is the first thing that can decide if your game is good or bad before production has even taken off.

That being said, I recorded my pitch and had it ready to present to the class but I failed to submit it to where it needed to be. So none of my peers or lecturers were able to hear or see my pitch before production began. Due to my oversight, I was never sure if a particular feature would’ve been well received or if people thought it broke the idea of Missile Command.

Sarah Morris, ‘[no title]’ 2001.
Missile Command for Atari 2600

With my thoughts and downfalls in regards to myself and pitching now out of the way, it’s time to talk about this project. I was assigned 3 weeks to plan and develop a recreation of the Atari 2600 game, Missile Command. The core concept is that you have cities you must protect from missiles raining from above with your three towers which each have their own ammunition counts. The game acts as a commentary on war and how defeat is inevitable in some aspects for all parties, this is conveyed by the fact that the play will fail when they run out of their limited supply of ammunition. You’re probably thinking ‘You’ve been doing Game Design for a while now, recreating a simple Atari 2600 game should be easy for you’, well you’d be right if it wasn’t for the artful twist. I had to make it as if an artist (who was assigned to me) had made it, and I was assigned, Sarah Morris.

I honestly could not think of anything Sarah Morris did in terms of her content and philosophies that I could translate into Missile Command, so I thought about doing a literally reskin of Missile Command with some slightly different features such as homing missiles and instead of levels, just one level with a timer.

In the end, I had no way of telling if having a reskin of Missile Command, homing missiles or only one level would be a well received idea because of my lousy oversight. In the future, I will run all of my ideas past my peers for some input, because if not to help me improve, what else are peers for? So I’ll take this opportunity now to share my pitch with you and please feel free to give me critical feedback, both positive and negative.