Erectile dysfunction and Role of Homeopathy

Homeopathy for ED-Erectile dysfunction & PE-Premature ejaculation, Tips to stay longer in Bed.

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Homeopathy Treatment for PE & ED

Sex is consider as taboo, patient come to us and ask frequently, how sex time can be increased?, how to last longer in bed?, How to increase sexual stamina?, etc. Patient ask these question very often at our clinic and on our blog. As per Dr.Abhishek, porn movies has increase the worry and it is very important to teach patients how long is normal for good sexual life. Dr.Abhishek quotes with the example of Great indian Cricketer Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, even Sachin can never scores 100 in every match, though he is considered as Best indian batsman, in the world. Same way Dr.Abhishek, says that simply if you don’t last long in bed doesn’t means you are suffering from ED-Erectile dysfunction or PE-Premature ejaculation. As per research studies if you last for more than 3–5 minutes its normal and if the average comes less than 3 minutes you should visit your Physician for proper investigation.

Faith and monogamy is the golden rule for having good sexual life, both the partners should have good faith and should be true to each other, and should try to enjoy it by getting themselves in good mood. Sex should not be considered as a home-work, or duty, rather should be taken as pleasure activity. View More Information visit us: Homeopathic clinic in India

Evidence based Natural Tips to stay longer in Bed:-

Aura Homeopathy For Premature Ejaculation

Stay Vegetarian and eat lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables- Research studies conducted in London, shows that vegetarian person are pro active in bed and the stay longer as compare to counter part non-Vegetarian. As per research Potasium rich fruits and vegetable are specially recommended.

1. Dr.Abhishek advice intake of banana is it is very rich in potassium and glucose, hence helps to increase your stamina, performance and timings.

2. Amla is rich in Zinc,vitamin-c and other essential minerals, which is very useful in promoting Spermatogenesis and producing good quality sperm with high morality.

3.Eating Strawberries have similar effect as banana as both are rich in glucose and zinc.

4.Avoid smoking- as it leads to reduce blood flow to penis due to constriction and hardening of blood vessels supplying to the male organ. As per Dr.Abhishek Healthy Heart= Healthy sexual life and smoking disturb every system of body including heart and circulatory system. Hence ED-Erectile dysfunction or PE-Premature ejaculation are more common in cigarette smokers as compare to non-smokers.

5.Avoid intake of alcohol.

6.Have a good sleep- You should have 6–7 hour good sound sleep.

7.Keep stress and tension out of bed.

8.Try to have a sensual and long foreplay

9.Do regular exercise specially focusing on abdominal muscles

10.Do yoga and meditation- Certain yoga assam like paschimotasana and bhujangasana helps increase flexibility, relieves tension and helps to increase blood circulation in genital, hence enhance performance in bed.

Common remedies for to boost libido

Some common homeopathic remedies for better sex include:

1.Agnus castus: Low Sexual desire, patient is depressed and melancholy.Yellowish urethral discharge in males with no erection and sexual desire.

2.Lycopodium: Patient complaint of low sexual desire over a period of time, he is very sensitive and feels sad, depressed, melancholic with loss of memory. Frequently complaints of gastric origin including, gastritis, flatulency, acidity,dyspepsia,etc. Suffer from ED-Erectile dysfunction or PE-Premature ejaculation, with no sexual desire. Impotency without erection.

3.Graphites: It specially suited to female patient with low or no sexual desire. Low libido with aversion to sex, menses are delayed and scanty along with hard stools and constipation. Males with low sexual drive, aversion to sex with ED-Erectile dysfunction or PE-Premature ejaculation. Its one of the best homeopathy medicine for low sexual desire specially in old male and females.

4.Phosphoricum acidum: Low libido in males with pain and soreness of testicles due to inflammation. Extreme weakness both mentally and physically. Body ache with soreness of muscles. Extreme hair fall along with pimples and rashes. Eczema of testicles

5.Sepia: Women who indifferent to love ones, due to constant stress. Low sexual drive during late 40’s specially during menopause. Low libido after birth of child, miscarriage or after pregnancy.

6.Baryta carb: Males who suffer from ED-Erectile dysfunction or PE-Premature ejaculation, with low libido. Enlarge prostate gland. Dementia, loss of memory, loss of confidence, with history of induration of glands.

7.Onosmodium: No sexual desire in both male and female, patient feels very tired and week. Low sexual desire n females due to pain in uterus, with early and prolonged periods. Deficient erection in males with low or no desire to sex.

Is homeopathy Best for sexual disorder?

As per Dr.Abhishek low sex drive is both functional and emotional disorder, at aura homeopathy we believe these condition can be treated successfully by Classical homeopathy. Aura Homeopathy is recommended for ED-Erectile dysfunction ,PE-Premature ejaculation, low sexual drive, etc due to various reasons including:-

  1. Mental stress,
  2. Imbalance of hormones,
  3. Unhappy married life

As homeopathy take both physical and mental disorder inter-related as psychosomatic disorder, hence it helps to enhance you both mentally and physically for having Good sex.

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Do homeopathy medicine for sexual ailment have any Side effects?Homeopathic treatment to boost low sex drive very effective, and safely and without any toxic effects. As homeopathy medicine are highly diluted, chances of toxicity is Zero. Homeopathy treatment under the guidance of trained Homeopathic doctor,is safe and chances of side effects or adverse reactions is zero. It is very important to answer all the question during case taking very carefully with outmost accuracy and in detail.

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