Internet Safety for Kids & Families — Trend Micro Bypass DOM XSS

May 8, 2018 · 3 min read

I was holding a cup of coffee, I want to say to practice a , find trend Micro loophole Policy project, want to say see can find some loopholes as one of the technical exercises

Look at the trend technology loopholes policy, there is no need to pay special attention to the place, we try to maintain the same principle (find the vulnerability as soon as possible to submit a vulnerability recurrence method to the official security team)

A lot of people start for the application service, Web services penetration test, will first on the “subdomain” to try to crack

I try to use tools gradually, try (*. subdomain to do a lot of cracking

I began to be curious to move the target to:

In general,

We will fuzzing and detect the parameter values or input boxes for the Web application service.

can also sniff the server

Because of my occupational disease,

First in the Input box list (type XSS POC): “><img src=x oneror:alert(1)/>

Of course, my request was blocked. So it looks like there’s a firewall or WAF blocking the filter.

What I started to wonder was, what labels did he filter? is the “ > ” symbol or (img 、onerror) special letter?

At first I thought there might be no loopholes, but the results he gave me were so exciting.

So I’m trying to enter “>” To see if there are any filters for these strings. Unexpectedly, he did not filter …

Poc Payload:

View Source code:

Try to enter: Http:// “><img src=x

he did not filter. Does it filter the onerror that executes the statement instructions?

It is true that …

He filtered the (onerror)

We can see that this syntax is filtered and I try to use the HTML (a) value label to try

I combine the following syntax, and I like to encrypt it in the URL as an attempt:"><a+href%3D"data%3Atext%2Fhtml%3Bbase64%2CPHN2Zy9vbmxvYWQ9YWxlcnQoMik%2B">click<%2Fa>

I try to input JS syntax in the URL, phn2zy9vbmxvywq9ywxlcnqomik decoding is: <svg/onload=alert (2)

Response results can be successful response!!

Prove that he only filtered some strings, rather than strictly filtering the strings that the client passed in. While it’s not difficult to bypass this application, it WAF me to learn skills.


  • 2018/02/11 03:52 Provide vulnerability details to Trend Micro Security Team
  • 2018/02/11 05:53 Receive response from Trend Micro Automatic reply that inspection is in progress
  • 2018/03/01 11:53 Yes, it fixes
  • 2018/03/05 11:07 Trend Micro has posted me on the Acknowledgment(Hall Of Fame) page
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