I trained an LSTM neural net to generate Hacker News submissions…

…you won’t believe what I learned about Rust, node.js and React Native.

After using an LSTM neural network (torch-rnn) to generate British placenames (Hatlet Backlingham, Sattle Boslaw, Fuckley) and Ask Metafilter questions (Am I a Dog?, “I am library, how do I do?”, “How do I stop being a therapist?”), I was on the lookout for my next project.

Just like Goldilocks, I needed a corpus that was just right. It had to:

a) be large enough (at least 5MB of text to train on);

b) be nicely constrained to a particular domain; and

c) plausibly generate interesting insights (e.g. draw attention to trends or patterns, or be used to poke gentle fun at the domain).

🚕 Uber says it doesnt want to be discovered in 2017

Hacker News is the internet’s acknowledgement of the following universal truth: young single men in possession of the knowledge that there is a right way and a wrong way to produce software are in want of the opportunity to disrupt the world.

Arguably an influential online community, Hacker News (launched in 2007 by serial disruptor Paul Graham with the online handle “pg”) is the epicenter, or what hackers would call “the gibson”, of the intersection of computer science and entrepreneurship. Startups, fortunes and reputations are made and broken by their reception on Hacker News.

🏅 The Man Who Could Be a Bitcoin Will Never Be a Billion Dollars in Social Media

Like Condé Nast mainstream news media website Reddit (founded in 2005, 2 years before Hacker News), Hacker News allows registered users to post to the website. Posts attract votes that, through the application of an “algorithm”, allow them to the displayed above the fold on the prestigious front page.

So: what better corpus than Hacker News post titles?

The theory here is that an LSTM neural network trained on Hacker News posts will reflect back the culture of this influential online community. It may help us understand what the community thinks is important. Also, we may discern some clues as to where the hockey puck may be skating to next.

💸 Show HN: Universal Basic Income in Elixir

With that, onward!


  1. First, you need a training corpus or dataset. I used the Python scripts get-all-hacker-news-submissions-comments from minimaxir on Github. Thanks, minimaxir! One of the Python scripts uses the Hacker News algolia API to grab all of the submissions and store them in a local PostgreSQL database.
  2. Wait a while. I waited a few hours and got about 500,000 submissions downloaded. You could wait longer, if you want.
  3. Have a look in the hn_submissions table of the hacker_news database. There will be a lot of submissions there!
  4. Now, have a think: do you want to use all of the submissions? Maybe not! Some of them will be no good! Maybe we only want to use the ones with more than 1 point. Or more than 10 points. Whatever, write some SQL to eyeball some numbers.
  5. Once you’ve figured out the kind of submissions you want, use the SQL COPY command to dump just the titles out to a text file.
  6. As usual, use torch-rnn: pre-process the data and train some models. You’ll want to train the models on EC2 or on any computer that isn’t a Mac because fuck Apple and their stupid approach to GPUs. Once you’ve got some models, you can use whatever computer you want, sampling isn’t particularly processor intensive.
  7. Play around with sampling parameters, generate hundreds of thousands of characters worth and, in a bid to convince yourself that you’ll still have a job in the future, exercise human creative discretion in picking out the ones that you like. I’ve put sample output, models and data on Github, use it at your own risk, etc.

That’s it!

Some of my favorite neural network generated Hacker News submissions

Emoji selections author’s own; even the Culture recognized the need to let the meat sacks feel like they’re inovlved.

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