Lana…….. I wish I could vent and tell the whole story just by saying her name but there’s too many good memories and too much heart break. Part of me tells me I need to get over her and move on but here I am thinking about her at 1:30 am while he is holding her. My biggest problem is letting go is 100 times harder for me than falling for a girl. I’ve done it time and time again. I fall way too fast and scare them away or get so attached they drag me down the road by my collar only looking at me when they need me for something. The ones I regret screwing up with the most are the ones I realized too late that God put them in my life to help me. To motivate me. To guide me back to the right path. So to those girls I’m sorry for the way I messed up and I really wish we were still friends. God gave me you for a reason and I took you for granted. I’m sorry Courtney, Timberlee, Amber, Payton, Farren, and Erica…. This post is all over the place but that’s my brain right now…..