HonestWork: New Web3 Freelance Marketplace

A New Paradigm

3 min readJan 9, 2023

The freelance market has seen continuous growth in recent years, with more skilled professionals opting to work on a project-by-project basis rather than committing to a traditional 9-to-5 job. The rise of skilled freelancing is clear, with 51% of post-grads doing freelance work, 6% more than in 2020.

This trend has been driven by various factors, including the increase of online platforms that make it easier for freelancers to find work and for businesses to find talent.

There are several popular freelance marketplaces already, but an innovative platform that utilizes blockchain technology can enhance user experience and bring solutions to the pain points of current platforms.

With that in mind, we created HonestWork, a decentralized app that connects freelancers and job posters in a unique and innovative way.

Benefits of Decentralized Freelance Platform

A decentralized freelancer market built on blockchain technology can offer several benefits to freelancers and job posters. One of the main advantages of using blockchain is the ability to create a secure and transparent platform for transactions and interactions.

An important key feature of blockchain technology is verifiability. All transactions and interactions on the blockchain are recorded and stored in a secure and immutable manner, making it easy for all parties to verify the accuracy and authenticity of the information.

This feature will be especially useful in a freelancer market, where freelancers and job posters need a clear and accurate record of their interactions and agreements.

Another key feature of blockchain technology is trustability. Since the blockchain is decentralized and not controlled by any single entity, it can offer a higher level of trust and security than traditional centralized platforms.

This feature benefits the freelancer market, where trust is crucial in building successful working relationships.

Alongside verifiability and trustability, blockchain offers the ability to automate processes, enforceability by smart contracts, and the ability to facilitate fast and predetermined payments according to agreement details between parties.

These features can help us create a more efficient and effective platform for freelancers and job posters to connect and collaborate.

Wen Token Ser?

Our take is that a token is not necessary for a web3 platform to run and operate. A token should only be used when it creates a utility or benefits the users and the platform simultaneously and sustainably.

With that in mind, HonestWork is planning to present activity points as an ERC20 token in the platform. We believe that using the ERC20 token as activity points can be a useful way to reward users for their participation and engagement.

By counting successful job agreements as activity points, users can earn rewards for their contributions to the platform, which can help to create a more dynamic and engaged community.

Airdropping activity points can accelerate HonestWork community engagement, encourage more people to get involved and reward those who are already active and create value for the platform.

HonestWork: New Web3 Freelance Marketplace

HonestWork is a one-stop platform for all your web3 freelancing needs. Our goal is to make it easy to find exceptional web3 freelancers and quality job offers for blockchain professionals.

Through the use of blockchain technology, HonestWork offers a secure and transparent way for freelancers and businesses to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Even though HonestWork is not online yet, you’ll be able to try it very soon. We are nearing the end of the development stage and going to launch the app in Q1 of 2023.

Until then, we’ll share updates and useful information on Twitter, Discord, Medium and LinkedIn. Be sure to follow us to not miss out on the news about the launch and upcoming airdrops!