On the other hand, Trump has an intimate familiarity with Jewish practice and Jewish life.
Bob Casey

Actually, look through history and close connections don’t mean much if you’re a bigot. Multiple people who ended up doing violently bigoted things had close Jewish friends.

  1. Wagner, a man who penned the operas that would later become the cultural underpinnings of Hitler’s Aryan ideology, was also close friends with Jews and worked with one.
  2. Hitler had numerous associates and Jewish friends during his time in Vienna.
  3. Anti Semitism has been a current through His campaign. 
    -Many of Trump’s supporters using Anti-Semitic epithets online,
    - Multiple paintings ofswastikas after his election
    -His closing ad of the campaign was RIFE with Anti-Semitic references insinuating that Jews hold all the levers of power/finance, going back to the trash book The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Your blatant statement about Muslims is offensive. KKK doesn’t represent all Christians, neither does ISIS. 1 billion people around the world are Muslim, as varied as Christians are.

Frankly, I’m more scared of the bigots in our country than I am anyone outside of it.

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