IMHO you’ve taken on a big and important subject, Katie, but you approach it in a narrow way.
Mitchell James Kaplan

Once again you prove my point. The problem with Judeo Christian values is the emphasis on one Christian perspective rather than an Jewish perspective that may contradict that. You speak of a specific time and place set merely in the New testaments. Christianity is larger than the debates Jesus had in first century Jerusalem. Judaism has moved on as well with a far rich history of our own.

Also, speaking for millions of people about how they would or wouldn’t agree with Jesus about issues that no longer impact our community is condescending at best. Asking Jews to fall into line for the sake of “the family” ignores the hate and bigotry continued against Islam, another Abrahamic faith especially in the evangelical community. In this context, asking us to “join together” sounds more like sit down and shut up, be grateful we are spoon fed something from the table.

Once again, I’ll pass.

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