searching the declaration (day 16)

when people dissolve
the political bands
declare the causes

i wanted to find something
to light a candle in the dark

we hold these truths
to be self evident
all are created equal
with certain unalienable rights

but all i saw were
fires i couldn’t control

the pursuit
of happiness

men stood by candlelight
what faith did they have
that they knew enough
to start the fire?

mankind are more disposed to suffer
than to abolish the forms
to which they are accustomed

i listened for the divine voice
but my own fear washed back
drowning her wisdom

a long train of abuses
designed to reduce them
it is their duty
to provide new guards

outside, they brought fire
to the woods
and no prophesy has answered me:
will it die or consume us?

the history of the present
is a history of repeated injuries
all in the object of tyranny

history books are full of dead words
holding no answers
even if they did
what would they know
of us and this moment?

we pledge to each other
our lives
our fortunes
our sacred honor

i was ready to give up
and embrace the night
but there you were, match ready
to march through the dark
so i became your Camerado
and you became my hope

a/n: italicized parts are taken from The Declaration of Independence. If you love this piece, consider saying thanks with a cup of tea.

Young heart, old soul. Fuel my caffeine addiction

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