Katie Simpson
    Sep 28, 2017 · 2 min read
  1. The point is that they are a group and to deny Islam from the family is myopic. Islam venerates the Torah. They have many of the same stories in the Koran. They think of it as an earlier book of revelations from God. Less perfect? Yes. But that is a similar mindset to Christianity, especially apologists from the first century.
  2. Christianity has no better history of its relationship to Judaism. The New Testament blames Jews for the death of Jesus and says our descendants will carry this blood guilt. Don’t make it sound like the New Testament was any better to Jews. Your emphasis on scripture only reading of faiths denies the long histories Jews have had with Christians and Muslims. Our last golden era before America was under Muslim ruled Spain.
  3. Forgiveness? Who has asked our forgiveness? Who has actually asked us about our values or what we care about? Instead you have told me what I should or shouldn’t feel about Jesus, showing little to no understanding of centering me or Judaism in that discussion. Once again, it erases my history because it isn’t the dominant narrative.

The point of my original piece was that none of the people who use/claim our values actually know our values or reach out to us. Forgiveness means more than a fake tent. Forgiveness means understanding errors. It means centering the person who was hurt. This whole conversation has been centered around Christianity and a very narrow view of it, theology, and telling me how I should or shouldn’t feel as a Jew. There has been no ask for my forgiveness. There has been no understanding of my faith at all.

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