HonestCoin, the first BCH-based regulated stable coin powered by SLP by HonestNode goes live for a limited time tonight. The AMA is hosted by CoinEx Exchange and will take place in their Telegram group this evening from 20:00 to 21:00 Hong Kong Time.

The esteemed weekly guest answering the questions will be none other than the founder and CEO of HonestNode, Jian Shi.

The scheduled AMA will be based in CoinEx’s Chinese-language-based Telegram group. Although questions and answers will not be translated within the group, English-based questions are welcomed, and will be answered within the allotted question time. CoinEx’s English Telegram group will have a live feed of the translated questions and answers from the Chinese group, however questions will not be answered there.

CoinEx Chinese Language Telegram Group(Main AMA):

CoinEx English Language Telegram Group(Translated Feed):

Jointly released by HonestNode and Prime Trust, a U.S. Trust company, USDH can be exchanged with the U.S. dollar at a rate of 1:1. Each USDH is pegged to one corresponding U.S. dollar in an escrow bank account, which will be audited regularly by Cohen & Co, one of the largest accounting firms in the United States.

HonestNode is committed to building USDH into a stable coin that has real application valuable in the real world. It will be used in payment and remittance scenarios to allow for a secure, efficient and low-cost channel to transfer assets around the world. To this end, HonestNode is building a rich ecosystem of tools around HonestCoin, which include:

• HonestPay: USDH version of PayPal, to be used for payments.

• HonestCard: A physical bank card that backs up the USDH account of users. Allows for USDH to be instantly available for usage around the world.

• Honest Financial: A financial…


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