International Tourette Syndrome Awareness Day


June 7th is International Tourette Awareness Day.

I’ve had a lot of time over the years to think about why awareness is so important to me. The last few months it’s begun to sink in with a sobering clarity that no matter where families are geographically located in the world they were still…still after all these years, dealing with the heart rending, gut churning feeling and overwhelming feeling of being alone amidst a sea of unease and fear. All without even knowledgeable medical professionals to turn to.

Still after all of this time without schools who understand.

Still, year after year, with society and the film industry and television personalities and sports personalities making a mockery out of a disorder that deeply affects the people they know and love.

People like my sons. People like my husband.

Tourette awareness is important because no one should ever have to feel this way again. Tourette awareness matters because lives can be changed by something as easy as a conversation.

It’s so simple; it’s information…it’s understanding. It’s my friends taking the time to read the millionth post about Tourette Syndrome I’ve made this year. It’s acquaintances sharing what they’ve come across. It’s a coworker who heard that there was help they had no idea existed. It’s my son in the bait shop finding a family who thought they were alone.

Changing lives is simple. It really is. I can’t thank you all enough for helping to do just that.

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