Tourette Syndrome and Migraines

Photo by Eutah Mizushima on Unsplash

Migraines can be a very disabling condition comorbid to Tourette Syndrome.

Studies have repeatedly found a prevalence of Migraine in the Tourette population much higher than that of the general population, including one study that showed a 4-fold increase.

Like most aspects of this neurodevelopmental spectrum disorder, the reasons for this increase isn’t fully understood yet. “In summary, TS is a spectrum disorder, with varying degrees of severity in individual patients. Because the complexity of the TS gene has yet to be determined, the presence of migraine headache, if present also in family members of patients with TS, may be used as a clinical marker for this complex genetic disorder.”

In our home it seems likely that there’s several reasons for our ticcer to have migraines — I have them along with multiple family members; our son’s Neuropsych has indicated that they believe it’s related to the anxiety (which, in our son’s case, is related to the OCD that, like most, comes with his Tourette); and added to that are several neck and facial tics which can’t possibly be good for someone who’s already susceptible to migraines.

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