Pep Talk 2018

Beloved one,

Own it. Work it. Shine shine shine. This is YOUR time. No need for resolutions. Just do it. More realistically, Just Be It. You are the one we have all been waiting for. And yes, that goes for all the other you’s out there too. Each of you, we need. We need you to do the thing you love the most. And then share it with the rest of us.

This is not some Utopic Fantasy World. This is reality. In this Here and Now.

Right now, you get to be exactly who you’ve always wanted to be. And you get change things if you don’t like the way they are going. No need for explanations to anyone, or for anything. Try not to be an ass about it, or hurt anyone on purpose. But seriously…if things aren’t going the way that make you feel good, change it. Move it. Dance with it, and see what comes next.

This takes a great deal of courage. But you know what, you’ve got it. You know how many trials and tribulations you’ve been through, and you are still breathing. I would say that is success!

And now, you get to find the thing(s) that bring you the most joy, the most pleasure, the most creativity…OH, how exciting this is for all of us — because when you follow the highest resonance for you, we all win.

I guess selfishly, I am asking you to find what you love, so that you can feel amazing about your life and what you are doing in this world. So that you can create changes we so desperately need for the collective. When you do that- I get turned on, tuned in, tuned UP. Yes, maybe it’s selfish, but let’s do this, 2018! Why not?

The Universe will match you at the efforts you bring. This is not Woo Woo, or some far out there idea- this is science. Vibrations match each other. So when you raise your frequency, you receive more at that level. This is GOOD news, people. Trust me. I have spent a lifetime trying to figure this out. And, there’s so much more to learn. But one thing I do know is that when you shine like the sun….you get a warm feeling inside, and you begin to attract things, people, events that want to bathe in your light. So, let the sun shine through.

Yes, this may be sound like cheerleader talk…Welcome to my 2018 pep-rally.

My biggest joy? Is helping you find the thing you love, and shine. This is what turns me on. I hope my sunlight warms you and inspires you to be the best version of yourself…NOW.

Keep kicking ass everyone. We are in for a good ride!