Sword Through Our Hearts

if you go, you’ll have to take me with you because I’m not capable of handling that emptiness that will grow inside of me.

so let’s pretend for a little longer. Let’s pretend everything is okay. Let’s pretend we’re years back; when I was 14 and you were 16. Let’s pretend we’re those ages again and reconnect at that one moment when we met during class by the stairs near the English hall and Art classroom. You sat by the wide windows and I kissed you. It was only a peck but I squealed because I was nervous and antsy. And you laughed because you liked it.

Let’s pretend there aren’t currently swords through our hearts and that I chose you because I was wiser. Would we have still been together? About 6 years now? or would something more damaging have happened?

All I know is that love creeped up on us through the rough times and it’s something neither of us expected. But I love you crazy now so don’t leave if it’s not with me.

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