Introducing a new feature for Honeyfeed: Search Function

As part of our evergrowing Community and their creations, we’ve added a new search function for Honeyfeed to help users navigate our site.

You can now search by your favorite novel titles, chapter titles or authors. If you’re searching for new novels to read, we encourage you to search for words of interest, as the search function will also give you results filtered by novel descriptions. Maybe you’ll find something that catches your eye!

If you’re an author yourself, now’s the time to take advantage of the new search function by enhancing your novel description to help readers find your work.

This new feature will be available on the site whether you are logged in or not, in order to make friends and family who have not joined our Community find your work or find a novel you like with ease.

**Keep in mind that if the name of a novel, a chapter, a description (synopsis) or an author is changed, the search results will only display the current available information. **

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