Introducing a new Honeyfeed feature: Achievement Badge

Dec 18, 2019 · 2 min read

The Achievement Badge feature is a new way to interact with the Honeyfeed community by displaying things that you have accomplished as a reader or writer on the site. Instantly make yourself stand out by collecting and displaying different Achievement Badges in your profile.

How do I start collecting Achievement Badges?

To start displaying badges in your profile, interact on the site by leaving reactions to you the novels that you read, leaving comments or simply logging in daily to Honeyfeed. It’s that simple!

If you have been part of our community for some time, the Achievement Badges will appear in your profile on the next comment or reaction that you submit in-site. You might already have an advanced Achievement Badge tier!

What’s an Achievement Badge tier?

Achievement Badges change the more you interact in Honeyfeed, they grow together with you as a member of our reader/writer community. Every Achievement Badge has its own category, and within these, the respective badge will change over time once you have reached certain goals within a category.

For example, say you’re an avid commenter in Honeyfeed, as you leave a word on your favorite novel, depending on the number of overall comments you have in-site, your comments Achievement Badge will keep going up a tier, and after you’ve completed the maximum goal for it, your profile will display the last tier of that category: a golden Achievement Badge.

What’s an Achievement Badge category?

There are different Achievement Badges for different purposes, some cater more towards readers and some cater more towards writers and some are action-specific for your involvement in the community. We separate each group of goals under a respective category. As of December 2019, Honeyfeed will launch the Achievement Badge feature with three categories:

  • Reactions
  • Comments
  • Bookmarking

Coming Soon:

  • Daily Log In
  • Writer
  • Artist
  • Published Chapters
  • Community
  • Covers
  • Featured

Honeyfeed is a Web Novel Community where readers can enjoy original web novels andfan fictions done by enthusiastic writers who want to show them to the world!

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