Humans of Honeyfi — Lily and Sam

With Humans of Honeyfi, we introduce you to the couples who make Honeyfi special.

Lily and Sam

How did you guys meet?

We met almost 10 years ago in law school. We were in the same “small section” — a group of students that the school randomly assigned to attend the same classes for the first year. ’Twas meant to be!

It feels like forever ago. I didn’t have a beard (as you can tell, I have one now) and we didn’t have any cats (now we have three). Also, Lily didn’t like me at first. Fortunately, her judgment improved (and I matured).

What’s your favorite couples activity?

We love watching old/weird movies. Recently, we watched Purple Rain and couldn’t stop laughing. We love Prince, but man, that movie is SOOO 80s.

We also love trying to make each other laugh — usually by seeing who can come up with the weirdest dance moves. #LetsGoCrazy

Using only emojis, describe your relationship.


What’s a money lesson you guys wish you learned sooner?

I wish we had started talking seriously about money sooner. We could’ve saved more and accomplished our goals sooner. #LiveAndLearn

How has Honeyfi helped you and your partner manage money?

Honeyfi has helped us identify our spending habits and adjust them to fit our budget. It’s also helped us have more productive and less emotional discussions about how we spend our money and what our goals should be.

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