Venmo make over

Venmo is a mobile payment service, which is one of the loved applications used by all different range of people. Just like myself was, some people question on the security and safeness of the app before using it. Different from other online banking system, Venmo does not require sign-in information once it’s opened, and money can be transferred with ease. On one side, this made the transaction fast and easy but on the other side, again arouses the question of its security. Another feature that differentiates Venmo from other online banking system is the timeline feature where all my facebook friend’s transaction could be seen, liked, or commented on. Venmo’s attempt of making the app more like a social media, where people can interact, doesn’t seem to be working though. First of all, facebook friends are not my close friends (anymore) as the number of the friends get larger and larger, I now don’t even recognize some of the names. Secondly, people don’t seem interested in other’s transaction. I haven’t seen anyone liking or commenting. Thirdly, I don’t feel comfortable about other people knowing my transaction, well thankfully, there is a privacy setting where I can set it to private so it doesn’t appear on the timeline. On the commenting area where I have to enter “what’s it for?,” I find myself writing down few words good enough to remember the transaction rather than writing out full sentences to notify my friends. I only open the app only when I need to do transactions. I never go through the timeline like I would with facebook. Once I open the app, I would go straight to tools where I can search people and make transfers. So why not have the mostly used features on the main home page?

Here is the newly designed Venmo app that I have made.

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