Honey mehra

honey mehra
Apr 21, 2018 · 2 min read

Honey mehra is the CEO & Founder of Digiengland company. Honey mehra provide seo services in jalandhar punjab,

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Honey mehra

Digital Marketing Trainer

Helped generate the largest Digital Marketing in history

we provide digital marketing training in chandigarh
• Managed and directed all india website marketing and promotions.
• Principal leader for all Web marketing strategy.

• Create imaginative socioeconomics based showcasing systems, including a broad email-advertising project to different stage and dialects.

• Create convincing bulletin articles, advancements and occasions on a week after week premise.

• Produce regionalized, dialect particular variants of web based showcasing resources for India and Nigeria while sticking to corporate marking guidelines.

• Implement forms for empowering up offering and strategically pitching through online store.

• Improve battle comes about through broad A/B testing and factual examination.

• Segment confounded email information utilizing SQL inquiries through API.

• Monitor and modify Google AdWords battles every day to boost click-throughs and changes. (Google Engage Member)

• Partner intimately with the Marketing Analytics group on announcing and profound plunge necessities.

• Work intimately with accomplices and merchants in South Ex and Noida.

• Execute against spending plan and guarantee exact consumption following.

Honey mehra is the google partner

About Honey mehra:
honey mehra lived in jalandhar, punjab
Honey mehra contact info:- +918699990811

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