I’d like to know, since the author and a few commenters are so open-minded and empathetic, if the…
Miss Anthrope

Please point out to me where I say I’m “so open minded and empathetic.” Asking whether we can’t all be a little more open minded and empathetic is not the same as being so both of those things.

But to respond to your what ifs, I do agree that daycare providers and other caregivers have an impossible task. You’re often expected to do a more perfect and mistake-free job than parents!

And believe me when I say that whenever I hear of a child left in a hot car I feel sick to my stomach. Along the lines of what I’m trying to get across in the piece, I realize how easily that can happen. In the early years of being a mom and working full time, doing everything on very little sleep, there was more than once that I forgot my son was even in the car with me. He was sleeping, totally silent. My mind was preoccupied and exhausted. Thankfully I caught a glimpse of his face in the rearview mirror and never left him in the car but, again, there but for the grace of God etc etc etc.

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