I was in BHS buying some knickers last week (I’ve defected from M&S and glad I did actually coz BHS knickers fit amazingly) and got to the till next to the lingerie section. Big queue of women — whom I’ve chosen not to photograph, so you’ll have to imagine them. Standing right next to this. A massive display of a drug which, had it been introduced to society recently and not established thousands of years ago, would be an illegal class “A” drug.

This drug is called “Prosecco” and you won’t have heard its name bandied around five years ago amongst the yummy mummy wine o’clock brigade (of which I was a member until recently), no, then it was “Pinot” and five years before that it was “Chardonnay”. The polite euphemisms for the drug of choice for millions of women. The currently fashionable brand decided upon by the huge companies marketing them.

For now, it’s Prosecco. Haven’t you noticed suddenly that every woman you ever meet who drinks out has suddenly been drinking Prosecco for ever and it’s now the only drink they’ll touch? That’s because the big business behind the marketing of the brand want them to drink it.

And that marketing has now become so aggressive that women are having a class “A” drug thrust at them, a matter of feet from the subliminal influence of the words “please pay” whilst doing their underwear shopping.

We’re paying alright. With our lives. By becoming addicts. Thankfully, those of us on here are sticking two fingers up at this drug peddling, questioning our actions and deciding to stop drinking. But what I’m worried about are all those women in the queue, in this BHS and presumably, in every BHS up and down the country, who are thinking “Ah yes, I’ll pop a few bottles of Prosecco in my shopping basket along with the new knickers. I deserve a relaxing freshen up and a sparkling treat…”

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