We are at our peak when we are outside of our comfort zone

At least once in our lives, we will be put into uncomfortable situations. Bad things happens all the time. And it happens to everyone. Either you overcome it, prosper and grow; OR you become the victim of the situation, and stuck in an endless loop.

It is common for us to stuck in bad jobs, bad financial situations or bad relationships, These situations will make us feel angry, helpless, hopeless and full with self-doubt. You will feel that you are in a pit of darkness, beaten by life.

But don’t fret, for with FAITH, you will overcome it.

One of my experience is that after six months of graduation, I finally decided to look for jobs. Applying for jobs is not hard, but the wait is the hardest part. During the whole process, I screwed up some interviews and luckily I got job offers from some employers. I was offered two job at the same time and I picked the one which appears to be financially attractive to me.

But after two weeks working on the job I’ve chosen, I realised that is that kind of job environment I’m trying to avoid. The environment is full with bad people and bad culture such as chronic office gossiping, leadership bias and backstabbing colleagues.

So I have decided to change a job and start my job hunt again. I took days off to attend job interviews. I did not quit that job straight away for I am in need for the money. And finally when I got three job offers after two months of job hunting, I quit the job.

Period spent waiting for job offers * Days spent in bad jobs = Desperation

At present, I find out that during the two and half months in my first company, I am the ‘best’ me. Why? During the period of time, I was pushed to my edge. I started to have sleepless night worrying about my future in terms of career, monetary, relationships and more.

It is during this time, my desire to be stronger grew. I started to read the book “Think and Grow Rich” and I kept on repeating chapter two(Desire) and chapter three(Faith). The book helps me to have faith and believe in myself. Whenever I have bad thoughts, I read the book. And at times, I listen to Eminem such as ‘Lose Yourself’ and ‘Not Afraid’ for ya’ know, some motivation.

We humans are strong. Human instinct will drive us to adapt quickly to environment. Besides, my passion and my goal has never been so clear during this time. Due all the undesirable working environment (and my human instinct), it drives me to seek for alternatives, alternatives where I can make a living on my own without depending on my old job. I did my daily research on stocks and futures even though I am tired. I will fork out at least 30 minutes to look into stocks. I even came out with an idea to teach “Technical Analysis” for stocks trading, as I read a lot of books regarding analysis done on charts of stock prices. I meet up with my university friend who studied business to plan for the class.

In short, during this period of time, I have been pretty edgy but I have never been so energetic. I still can recall that I rushed to meet up my friends for discussion and free seminar after work, though I’m physically exhausted. Perhaps all the rage of stuck in a bad job is channeled to my passion.

Remember, if you feel stuck, you can always look for a way out. Take action to improve your situation. When you feel you are at the rock bottom; Bam! Another failure and another disappointment. When you feel you tried your best, but it’s just another mistake… Keep trying! Do not give up! Look for books, articles or religion(if you are not an atheist) to strengthen your faith in yourselves.

After you have gone through everything, you will feel brand new. And keep throwing yourself outside of your comfort zone, you will surprise everyone even yourselves.

“Persistence is very important. You should not give up unless you are forced to give up” ~ Elon Musk
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