Honglan Wang Reveals How to Protect Your Garden From Pests

Honglan Wang
Dec 19, 2019 · 3 min read

Making your vision for your garden become a reality is challenging enough in and of itself without factoring in pests and other animals that can cause permanent harm to your garden. Because of this, it is imperative that you protect your garden as best as you can.

It sounds like a daunting project, and, while there will be some trial and error in perfecting it, the rewards will be substantial. You, and only you, will get to eat the fruits of your harvest.

Honglan Wang, a pharmaceutical industry team leader with a superb scientific background, is passionate about gardening, and, in an effort to preserve your grounds, she has presented a few ways to combat any pests that could threaten your garden.

Great Sanitation

Practicing appropriate sanitation rids your garden of disease and pests because they won’t be afforded an opportunity to hide. Honglan Wang emphasizes that this as a proper first step in safeguarding your garden. A thorough cleaning of the debris from the plants establishes a layer of foundation for your garden to grow from.

Sturdy Fences

Larger threats, such as a deer, are much more difficult to stop than insects due to their size. Consider investing in a robust fence on the perimeter of your yard or property, one capable of thwarting animals from helping themselves to your home-grown food. Eventually, they will see that this path is protected and seek an easier source of food.

Add Good Insects

You can deter harmful insects by bringing other insects which prey on them to your garden to come over and eat them. Ladybugs, praying mantis’, hoverflies, lacewings, honeybees and dragonflies are all common insects that prey on pests. Honglan Wang adds that bats are another choice at your disposal but may represent a trickier proposition in how you acquire them.

Rotate Your Crops

Crop rotation helps to prevent diseases and pests from harming your plants. Every year you should attempt to lay out your crops differently. Not only will you help to protect your garden from harm, you can also create new aesthetically pleasing designs.

Remove the Sickly Plants

At a particular moment, you will observe your garden and notice a plant, or two, that has been ravaged by insects or a disease. Such plants did not develop firm roots and, as such, become unhealthy. Sentimentality cannot be in your gardening ethos, so Honglan Wang advises that you eliminate them immediately, but be sure not to compost them, since it will attract bugs and diseases that you have worked had to avoid.

Cloche Your Plants

With only a few plants to cover in your garden, you can opt for wire or PVC hoops, covered with cloth, and position them over the specific plants. This acts as a shield, preventing any pests from breaching, and is especially recommended for plants that have been frequently attacked in the past.

Honglan Wang concludes that creating and building up a garden can take time, love, and care, and you would not want that to go to waste by having pests ruin your garden.

Honglan Wang

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Ph.D in Cardiovascular Pharmacology & Postdoctoral training in Cardiovascular Physiology and Pharmacology. In her free time, Honglan enjoys cooking & gardening.

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