Honglan Wang’s Must-Have Gardening Tools

Honglan Wang
Nov 18, 2019 · 3 min read

Do you have a green thumb? Then you better have the right tools to suit your hobby! However, taking care of your precious garden is no easy task. That is why Honglan Wang, a Pharmaceutical Research Consultant based in Redwood City, California, is here to help. When it comes to Wang’s profession, she is an experienced pharmaceutical industry team leader with a strong scientific background who has a Ph.D. in cardiovascular pharmacology. But when it comes to her personal life, she is an avid gardener who knows how much easier gardening can be with the right tools. With the health benefits that can come from gardening, it makes the hobby all the better. Check out the must-have gardening tools that any gardener should have in their arsenal, according to Honglan Wang.

1. Gloves

Honglan Wang asserts that the most important tool that a gardener needs is a proper pair of gardening gloves. This might not seem important, but the reality is, gardening requires you to work with your hands a lot. And if you wish to protect your hands from sharp thorns or rough weeds, then gloves are of the essence. In addition, working with the other gardening tools on this list, such as a trowel or gardening fork, can be hard on the hands, especially with continuous use. Ensure your hands don’t grow sore, irritated, or calloused by wearing a pair of gloves every time you garden.

2. Trowel

Most people would agree that an essential component of gardening is planting. In order to plant effectively, you will need a trowel, shares Honglan Wang. A hand trowel allows you to easily dig up soil, weeds, and more to create space for new plants. It is also a great tool for smoothing out soil after planting bulbs. If you’re doing any planting whatsoever, then be sure to keep a hand trowel handy. Also, Honglan Wang recommends storing your trowel in a cool, dry place after use to prevent rusting.

3. Gardening Fork

A gardening fork, sometimes referred to as a digging fork, spading fork, or graip, is another must-have gardening tool. According to Honglan Wang, a gardening fork is ideally suited to lifting, loosening, and turning over soil. More specifically, it enables gardeners to break up hard, lumpy soil. Then, you can mix in crumbly compost to achieve your desired soil consistency for the plants you wish to grow. Gardening forks and trowels work hand in hand, the former allowing you to break up pesky clumps of soil and the latter allowing you to dig up the soil and move it out of the way so you can let the planting begin!

4. Pruning Clippers

Pruning clippers, or secateurs, is one gardening tool that Honglan Wang guarantees you’ll use more than you think. As all gardeners know, plants need to be cut back from time to time. That is why a high quality, sharp pair of pruning clippers is an absolute must. Pruning clippers can chop through all kinds of plants. They are even able to cut through branches or stems that are up to nearly an inch thick. For example, Honglan Wang uses her pruning clippers to cut off dead flowers on her rose bush to allow for more room for new ones to grow.

Gardening can be a fantastic hobby to pick up and with these 4 tools, you have a great place to start your gardening collection.

Honglan Wang
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