RAML 加入 Linux Foundation 的 Open API Initiative

設計 RESTful API 的 Domain-Specific Language(DSL),有兩套很著名的規範,一套是 SmartBearSwagger,另一套是 MuleSoftRAML,這兩套各自被很多服務應用於其 Open API 設計上。

在 2015 年底 SmartBear 決定將 Swagger Specification 捐贈給 Linux 基金會並成立了 Open API Initiative(OAI) 組織,Swagger 並更名為 OpenAPI Specification(OAS),詳細說明見以下兩篇文章:

在 2017 年四月,MuleSoft 宣佈也將加入 Open API Initiative。

其中提到了會把 MuleSoft 內部開發中的 API Modeling Framework(AMF) 開放出來,藉此整合 RAML 和 OAS:

To enable both scale and interoperability across the API ecosystem as well as modeling capabilities, MuleSoft will open source its new API Modeling Framework (AMF). Up until now, API specifications have been static. AMF gives developers a way to programmatically add new features on top of API specifications. AMF lets developers interact with any API specification, whether it is written in OAS or RAML, in a similar way to how the HTML DOM allows programmatic interaction with an HTML document.
“The OpenAPI Specification (OAS) has become the de facto standard for describing APIs, while RAML enjoys widespread adoption as a standard for modeling APIs. As the API ecosystem extends to the enterprise, our collaboration with the OAI will enable the community to seamlessly layer these two standards, and will promote interoperability and foster closer collaboration,” said Uri Sarid, CTO, MuleSoft and creator of the RAML specification. “We are excited to work together within the OAI community to promote the advantages of API specifications, advance the OAS as the ubiquitous standard for describing any practically-RESTful API and continue to advance RAML as the standard domain-specific language (DSL) for modeling such APIs. Additionally, the API Modeling Framework will finally bring the OAS and RAML communities together, enabling developers to enjoy the best of both worlds.”