Cultural Difference Between China and America

When I was a child, I heard that the United States is a diversified country, so that I decided one day I could live in this country. Now my dream come true, and I have studied in the United States about one month. In the past one month, I found that there is lots of cultural difference between China and America while I was get used to the life here.

The first thing really shocked me is speed. I find that speed limitation board is non-existent usually. When I drive on road, I cannot help reaching the upper speed limitation due to few cars. However, other cars around me even faster than me, I always think that is there something wrong with my tachometer? One of my friend told me that Americans do not slow down until police show up even turning a corner because there is few camera on the road in the United States. While in China, driver need to care about speed all the time during driving, because there will be several cameras on one road. This very fast speed really dangerous for drivers themselves and others as well. Moreover, life speed also have difference between USA and China. In the United States, people work in a very slow pace; while in China, everything seems like in a hurry. For example, after I pass the drive test in DMV, I have to wait for a month to get my driver license, but in China, I can get my driver license immediately. The same thing happened in the bank in the United States, after I apply for the debit card, I only can get a temporary card, but in China I can get the real card on the spot.

Secondly, people in the United States are really warm-hearted. When I walk on the road, even strangers will greet me and smile to me. When I get on the taxi, driver always greet me first and then chat with me even I am a foreigner and introduce some interesting places to me. people are polite when they are driving, everyone is willing to wait for others and let others go first; while in China, people will rush forward even there is only a few space especially in Beijing.

I hope everyone can respect and embrace difference whatever it seems good or bad, it shows in physical or mental, because only difference exists, there will be diversity, unless this world will become dull.

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