Human Genes Graph

Hongping Liang
Dec 11, 2019 · 3 min read

We are going to visualize the over 40,000 human genes in the Neo4j graph database, and browse them by chromosome or chromosome regions.

If you are not familiar with the Neo4j graph database, my previous aricle: “Visualize Clinical Data in Graph Database in 20 Minutes”, have detail steps to install and run query

Original Gene file

The human gene data is tab delimited text file from Here is the samples:

Processed File

In order the map the relationships between the gene and chromosome, and chromosome regions. We parsed out the chromosome column into three columns for chromosome regions.


From the genes.csv, we extracted the unique mapping: chromosome_arm.csv, arm_region.csv

Import into the Graph Database

Copy data files into the Neo4j import directory.


Run the following scripts to load all the data

LOAD CSV from "file:///genes.csv" AS line
MERGE (gene:Gene {approved_symbol: line[0], approved_name: line[1], status: line[2], previous_symbol: line[3], previous_name: line[4], synonymes: line[5], chromosome: line[6], accession_number: line[7], omim_id: line[8], refseq_id: line[9], ensimble_id: line[10], uniprot_id: line[11], hgnc_id: line[12], chromosome_num: line[13], chromosome_arm: line[14], chromosome_region: line[15]});
LOAD CSV from "file:///chromosome_arm.csv" AS line
MERGE (chromosome:Chromosome {chromosome_num: line[0]});
LOAD CSV from "file:///chromosome_arm.csv" AS line
MERGE (chromosomearm:ChromosomeArm {chromosome_arm: line[1]});
LOAD CSV from "file:///arm_region.csv" AS line
MERGE (chromosomeregion:ChromosomeRegion {chromosome_region: line[1]});
LOAD CSV from "file:///chromosome_arm.csv" AS line
MATCH (chromosome:Chromosome {chromosome_num: line[0]}),(chromosomearm:ChromosomeArm {chromosome_arm: line[1]})
CREATE (chromosome)-[:CHROMOSOME_ARM {cnt:line[2]}]->(chromosomearm);
LOAD CSV from "file:///arm_region.csv" AS line
MATCH (chromosomearm:ChromosomeArm {chromosome_arm: line[0]}),(chromosomeregion:ChromosomeRegion {chromosome_region: line[1]})
CREATE (chromosomearm)-[:ARM_REGION {cnt:line[2]}]->(chromosomeregion);
LOAD CSV from "file:///genes.csv" AS line
MATCH (chromosomeregion:ChromosomeRegion {chromosome_region: line[15]}),(gene:Gene {approved_symbol: line[0]})
CREATE (chromosomeregion)-[:REGION_GENE {apponame:line[1]}]->(gene);

To visualize the data, run the following query


All the data and query script files are in github:

Hongping Liang

Written by

AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Hortonworks Certified Developer, Bioinformatics, The Jackson Laboratory

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