Communication is very important and necessary in our daily life,and it is also the way to send information to others and improve relationship. We also need communication to learn knowledge.
 We can not live without communication. First of all, communication can let us have the right information. Every thing in the world need communication. When there are many deers to eating together, suddenly, one of them see a tiger and feel dangerous, it can send information by some sound, and them will be escape from the tiger. And human use language that can send the information more correctly, that’s why human can be better than other living things. Also, we can use out language to learn knowledge, and that’s why human can have big develop because they can study base on what we already know. That will save us a lot of time from do the wrong things they have done before. We can study them from books, because the knowledge of people is limited, we can not learn anythings we want to know. That’s why animals can not develop technology. They can only learn the knowledge from their parents, and they even lack the communication of the some kind. So that show us the importance of communication. 
 Also we can develop relationship through communication, because a good way to communicate can let us make friend easily and give other a good image.
So there is an important question is how to communication, but it is not as easy as we thought. We can communicate easily, but how to let other feel comfortable and willing to communicate with you. So we should observe others’ action that can tell us that they feel comfortable or not and change out speaking base on that. And if we communicate in a incorrect way, there will be some mistake that may cause problem. We will send the wrong information that may cause misunderstanding. Also, we should be careful about some information that is not suitable to tell others. There may have some secret or some topic that are will let other feel bad, so we should notice that which things is suitable to communicate and control ourselves from talk without thinking. Finally, we should find a way to talk with others, we should not only know the interest of others, but also get some information through the communication, maybe some of them are infer.
 So communication is important to us and we should improve the way to communicate to make us better.

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