Do not give up

In our daily life, we will meet many problem and do many thing. The things we do maybe easy, but some of them may be very different that we can not finish it. So some people will give up, and some of them will persist. I think give up do not have advisement. There are few reasons about it.

If we give up, it means we will never succeed, because if we do not continue do that. It will not be finished forever. And we will also waste all the time and effort we did before. And next time, if we meet the same problem, we will have the opinion that we can not do that, and give up earlier. For example, when I have a program, and I spent one month on it and finally there is a problem we did not thought before. So the program fail, all the time and money I spent has been wasted. That also the reason why many of the business man failed on his business.

If we do not give up, maybe we can not succeed either. But we have more possibility to overcome it. The longer time we persist, the more possibility we have. Also we can learn many experience about why we failed. Then we can correct it though next time. And we will have more opportunity and confidence to finish it. My father was born in the country. When he come to shanghai to do the business, he only brought two thousand yuan. Now when he told me something about his experience, he told me the most important thing is never gave up. He met many challenge and many of them he was failed to overcome. But he can learn many experience though the fail and becomes better. And finally because of his persistence, he finally successful.

So there is another issue that how to not give up. First, we should have patience, do not give up immediately when meet a problem. We should focus doing that. In additional, we should have condiments which we can develop by not give up before. Last but not least, we should challenge yourself, which means when we feel we are unable to dot that, we can also make effort to do our best.

If we can do the things I point out above, we can do better when we meet challenge and that will make us have more ability to deal with other things.

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