How discrimination affect poverty

Poverty is a big issue in our world, many people want to find the way to solve poverty. And I want to study on the relationship of discrimination and poverty.
 There are many poverty cause of discrimination. Many poverty country still poor all the time because no one want to help them or invest them. For example, there is a poverty country and people in there do not have many money, so other businessman think they do not have enough money on their food and clothes, how can they have money on other things. So none of them want to built and help them.
Another reason is that there are many people in a poverty country and family has been discrimination. Some published data suggests that more than two thirds of extremely poor people in low income countries and lower-middle income countries. It also shows us that more than three quarters of extremely poor people live in rural areas and more than 80 percent of people with disabilities live in developing countries. And the rich people will leave the country and more poverty people will come. The data shows us that the discrimination block poverty to become better, so that poor country become poorer because many discrimination people live there and others think they can never developed.
I also look some data about payment. There are many people do the same job but have the different incomes. The reason why there are more poverty on black and Hispanic is because of the discrimination of them. Through that data, we can know that employer pay less to woman than man. And that also happen to black people. It shows the reason the discrimination will cause poverty. There is another data shows that Asian and white people have more incomes than Hispanic and black, that support what I mentioned on the top that the discrimination between country also block them to develop. Although it becomes better nowaday, we still need pay attention on it to reduce poverty.


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