Kevin Hon Chi Hang
Sep 10, 2014 · 2 min read

Thoughts after the Apple September Keynote 2014

Information leakage killed the show — Watching the Apple Keynote was exciting and inspiring. Thanks for the tremendous amount of information leakage this year. Someone even filmed a video and showed his face online with the iPhone 6, this is absolutely no manner, not respectful and not cool. It won’t help people get the product earlier but it does make the show less exciting. Thank you.

Wearable gears are terrible — Smart watches made me feel like they are GPS trackers for prisoners both mentally and physically. What pissed me off is people are exciting and willing to pay for hundreds dollars to share their privacy. No way.

Function over fashion — We are all going to wear the same watch/ glasses. We care more about how it works rather than how it looks. We are losing our personality. Ah, right. We can still choose the color and material we like.

Native always win — There are frameworks and libraries trying to simulate the native behavior on web but turned out that they are always chasing the tail of the OS creators every year. **Get back to Xcode!**

Long term effect on education — Now there are sets of UX philosophy for large screen devices from iOS and Android that never going to be unified due to the patent issue. It is interesting to see the result of how it affects our next generation on manipulating digital interfaces like 10 years later.

The flood of notification — It is a bit disappointed that there is still no innovative way to help differentiating signal and noise. Well, I guess “I always have emails” and “I always have missed messages” are the notification items that should always appear on the device lock screen.

Reading List after Apple Keynote September 2014

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