The Honor Roll

A Sunday shoutout to everything I’m obsessing over right now.

It’s a time to be reflective, certainly. And it’s a time of turmoil, absolutely. But these are the times I turn most to small pleasures and moments of escape. So, inhale, exhale, enjoy.

Currently winning high honors in my heart:

Chic and eco for under $95. I dove right in. (photo:

Summersalt swimsuits: Eco-friendly, try-before-you-buy swimsuits with expensive-suit quality — for under $95. Founded by two women, naturally. (I got the Freestyle, which is good if, like me, shall we say your cup runneth over.)

Village Works: This week I took a meeting with the owner of Mingle Events at the co-work space she loves, and it opened my eyes. Uber modern, warm, luxe, networking-conducive. If you’re freelance, part-time, work-from-home, looking for community, in need of meeting space … this is a game changer. And far more reasonable (not to mention cool) than your standard rental office.

Bollywood Delights Kulfi Pops: O. M. G. Life altering. I read about these two Indian sisters making sweet treats by hand in Westborough, MA. It was well worth the trek to the pristine shop that the women run. Like gelato, Kulfi is different — denser and less whipped — than ice cream. It doesn’t upset many lactose-sensitive types, and the consistency is super lush and unctuous, with really dense flavors like saffron pistachio. Pick up a freezer bag and load up on the pops and their amazing ice creams.

A good book + a Kulfi Pop = summer.

The Clavicle: Yeah, the clavicle. All those shoulder cutouts, off-the-shoulder tops, to me it feels too try-hard. I get that it’s a beautiful part of the body, no matter your age. But there’s something so pretty about a (faux) tanned clavicle with a delicate necklace nested there. I’m all about bowl neck and V-neck Ts. No cleave! Just clav.

J.Crew Monogrammed PJs: Monogrammed and personalized everything is having a (continuing) moment. And J.Crew is having a 30% off sale. So I picked up my second pair of these. The navy is great if you self-tan before bed. The first pair I did with my monogram, and the second, light blue pair I did with “JIM” in Hermes orange. Because I’m dorky like that.

Tempaper: I have Darien decor master Fiona Leonard to thank for this reco. Self-adhesive, removable wallpaper lets those of us who long to experiment — but have a white wall addiction — finally play without fear. (Bonus tip: Have a Taskrabbit put it up for you.)

VVA Home Pickups: Purge, purge, purge. If I wear something that makes me miserable, I peel it off and donate it before doubts creep in. This service makes sure it goes somewhere meaningful. The Vietnam Veterans Association picks up your clothes and home furnishings, too. You just leave them in bags on your doorstep. Cleanse yourself and help others.

And, for Memorial Day. I am in awe of the people who selflessly serve to protect this country and the ideals it stands for. Tomorrow I’ll be thinking about those we have lost by making a donation to Grace After Fire, which helps female veterans returning home make the transition back to civilian life. I’ll also be honoring JFK’s centennial birthday at the 1960s Sock Hop, with proceeds to benefit JFK100 Celebration & John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site.

In an age that threatens the survival of freedom, we join together to honor those who made our freedom possible.” -JFK

Words that are fitting, right about now.