As the standard curriculum is available for home schooling as it is the most schools, with home schooling they lack the interaction of children their age, in some cases when you have a single child being homeschooled. Another issue facing everyone whether homeschooled or traditional schooling is getting our kids ahead of the game in technology, giving them an extra advantage. In the future they face technology will be everything. I found a site that teaches kids from the age of 8 up to 14 years to learn how to code and so they can create and write PC programs. This gives them a huge advantage never mind it is teaching them maths and to think as they play. Its starts off simple as they begin.

The bonus of this is they are playing a online game as they are learning to code it, they are creating their own PC game and can interact and play with other kids and in the end make their own video game. I don’t have to make my child do it after the day of schooling they are more than happy to play a game anyway. By the time they are finished this they have a huge advantage in today’s job market as they can now write programs and fix things very few others can. My child can now go into any job or industry and have a huge advantage. I find this by luck when I saw the ADD and video on Facebook. My child was already playing the standard game anyway but now she can code it and make her own.

I thought I would share this with everyone as its so beneficial today to any kid.

Here are the links below , one explaining the benefits of this by Bill Gates and others. The other a link to the site educational game and site.

Hope this helps you