HYPE Collection
7 min readJun 9, 2022

To explain how the Embassy works we are going to divide this WHITEPAPER into 8 chapters:

1. Who are we?
2. Hypemap?
3. Time horizons
4. Short term — Professional trading
5. Medium term — Branding + Merch
6. Long Term — Metaverse
7. Sources of passive income
8. Congrats!

TLDR — The Embassy’s Vault has been designed to provide different types of passive income that will not only be distributed to the holders, but also a part of them will return back to the Embassy’s Vault to benefit from the compound interest.

Why should I read all this?

1. Because it is an investment and in every investment you have to make. DYOR and this is NFA.
2. Because we are not just a PFP collection.
3. Because you are bored and want to know more about web3 adoption, the metaverse and crypto in general.

HYPEd primates, let’s get started!

About us?

We are a group of investors who met in the crypto and NFT space, some of us even know each other in real life. We have a lot of experience, not only in crypto investments but also in traditional markets. It’s been almost a year since we fell deeply in love with NFTs and particularly on Solana blockchain, for reasons we all know; security, speed and cost of transactions.

Among the founders we can find an economist, a developer and an artist. In our team we have specialists and founders of companies specialized in the marketing, since one of our main concerns has been and will be to promote the marketing of the project, enabling brand growth and merch, but we will talk about this later.

This is our only one collection and we will take care of it as if it were our own son. We have been in this space for a long time and spend many months working on this project. We have come to build, to contribute the most to our holders and, ultimately; We have come to stay. We are gonna HYPE the world!

Hype map?

Our goal is simple: to offer the holder reasons to hold.

Despite liking the term “holder” very much, we see them more as investors who have trusted our project to invest their money. For the team, they are not simply owners of an NFT that they can trade or hold, we want to offer not only real utility, but also direct benefits from holding the NFT.

Throughout all this time, we have seen how countless projects were born and died; some for not having a clear direction, others for not providing anything to their investors after the sold out or for not delivering the roadmap.

As we can see from the HYPEMAP, our initial source of income to fund the Embassy’s vault is the mint funds. Part of that mint will be distributed for marketing, the team, and as we have said before for the Embassy’s vault.

Time horizons

Our vision covers all time ranges. We have created this project with the long term in mind, but we are well aware that people in the NFT space, most of the time, want immediate results, and if they don’t get a x10 on minting day, they are no longer happy.

We have a long-term vision, that is why for the survival of the Embassy we have created a strategic plan that meets the objectives of all users. The main idea is that everyone will be happy with the result; from the flipper that only wants to sell as soon as it is published on the secondary markets, to the diamond hands holder who never wants to sell and fully trusts the Embassy.

Short term — Professional trading

For this matte, we are going to hire a team of professional traders both in crypto and the NTF space, who are going to dedicate themselves to generating profits with the contributed budget, these profits will be the first source of passive income for the Embassy.

How are these traders going to be paid? Traders will receive their salary in the form of a % of the profits they make, with this we not only get them motivated but it does not entail an additional cost for the Embassy.

What happens if they do not generate profits? As we all know, one of the most important aspects in the investment world is diversification. In order to do so, we are going to have many professionals who will be assigned a budget of the Embassy’s funds, with this we achieve that if one of those traders performs poorly, the impact it would have on the global calculation of the Embassy’s funds is drastically reduced.

“I have a friend that told me we are going into a bear market”? Don’t worry, professional traders can use tools to make profits even in falling markets. And also a possible fall in the market would mean a cheaper asset purchase possibility for the Embassy.

Medium term — Branding + Merch

First, we want to reward all those who have trusted us even in a slightly longer time horizon, holders who stay with us will receive a FREE airdrop of a 3D NFT prepared to be used in the metaverse, not only in Solana but also in Ethereum! We are already in contact with several professionals in the sector, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves at this point.

And last but not least, as you can see, our young primates wear amazing urban-style clothing, with our brand logos and clear references to the crypto space, this is no coincidence and reflects one of our most important goals in the collection, which is merch and branding, which will be the second source of income for the embassy.

Long Term — Metaverse

The craziest experiment we want to do is to bet big on the metaverse, we fervently believe that the future lies in the metaverse and the adoption of web3. We find ourselves in a situation similar to the 90s in which the vast majority thought that the Internet was the future, but nobody knew the enormous socioeconomic implications that it would have. A similar situation currently exists with crypto and especially with the metaverses and web3.

We are aware that not all metaverses will last over time, as well as not all cryptocurrencies that exist… Yes, even those that are in the top 10. But we are completely sure that the uses that the metaverse will have and the ways to monetize it will be huge and many of them unimaginable today.

To give some examples, the metaverse could be used and monetized in many ways; as a way of socializing in the future (concerts, hangouts, movies, all kinds of leisure and shopping will be possible) and also as a way of doing business (business meetings, games, medical visits, consultations with specialists like lawyers, architects, sale of services and products), as we have already said, the possibilities are endless and it will be our task to monetize them.

For all this, our long-term vision is to buy land in the different TOP metaverses, not only from Solana, but also from Ethereum, and enable our holders to enter into the Embassy’s lands via a FREE airdrop of a 3D NFT . These lands will be the third source of income for the embassy, ​​those lands will not only be monetized by us, but we have also thought of ways to monetize them even individually.

As if all this were not enough, we have also thought about creating our own metaverse, being aware that for this, we must first go step by step and become a reputable collection, and that is why we do not want to overpromise in this specific aspect, but we do want to make our intentions clear.

Passive Income Sources

At the moment, the Embassy’s Vault has been designed to provide 3 different types of passive income thanks to the hiring of specialized professionals, branding and merch, and lands in the metaverse.

The income generated by the embassy will be distributed as follows; to pay team salaries (mods, alpha hunters, CM, marketing), to distribute to the holders, and not only that, but also a part of them will return back to the Embassy’s Vault to benefit from the compound interest.

But we do not intend to stop here, since we are going to be constantly experimenting, adapting to the market and modifying those that do not suit the interests of the Embassy or even developing new sources of income, such as; advisory services, project launch, marketing, training courses in crypto and NFTs, participation through a Venture Capital in private investment rounds through our sister project Island Capital, and a long list of proposals and ideas that we have on the table, which are not included in the Roadmap V1, but they are very much in our minds.


If you have read everything up to here, CONGRATULATIONS! Most people invest their money because of FOMO or an influencer/friend has recommended it. You, young primate, are one of the few people who cares about their investments and sooner or later you will end up generating wealth, since not everyone spends their time investigating where they are putting their money and that is your main asset, YOURSELF .

As part of the team, we assure you that we are going to do everything in our power, we have nothing to offer but blood, tears and sweat so that this collection, our baby, triumphs. We are gonna HYPE the world!


Sincerely, the HYPE Team: Honourable Young Primates Embassy