Sketch is not a UX design tool
Pauli Olavi Ojala

Hi! Very interesting take on this topic. I agree we need to evolve our tools. First of all, Sketch is awesome and helped to shape the tech industry, so KUDOS. On the other hand, tools haven’t changed much since 80s, that’s true.

I experiment with new approaches to UX/UI/Prototype/Code, I’ve worked on Project DaVinci which is simply Sketch like WYSIWYG editor that combines UI design, prototyping and shipping code. See it here:

The problem is, in order to use DaVinci or similar tools, you have to have knowledge of both — design and tech (css/html). Sketch can use anybody. You just grab rectangle and resize it, it’s imperative designing. If you want to use declarative designing and design systems and relations, you have to understand concepts that css, html use — responsiveness, dynamic widths, height, paddings, margins... And that’s not viable for many designers nowadays. So these tools will be used by people like me and you who can understand both disciplines but most of the designers will struggle. Architects are great example, they are mix of design, beauty, art, math and physics. Designers will have to be like architects at some point in the future. That’s what I’m learning so far.