How to seduce a girl

How come that most of us men are still so bad at seducing girls? Because its game of concepts! It’s not game of routines and tricks as many people still believe. You can’t fool yourself with tricks. You need to become “the one”. Let me share with you two main concepts that can change “your game“.

Concept NO. 1: Women are different and they have different needs

Firstly, women look for different things in men than men look in women.

You can’t use what would have worked for you.

Women, in general look for men with nice personality that will take care about them. They do care about physical appearance but personality is more important for them.

Men, in general look for kind girls with nice body. They do care about personality, but physical appearance is more important for them.

No, I'm not a chauvinist. Let’s see it from a biological point of view; In order to our species to live we need to reproduce.

For Women, to reproduce means giving a birth and taking care about the baby. It is an extremely tough process. It I involves huge investment (time, emotion, resources). They need to find „the one“ that will protect them and provide family with support and love. So they value personality (and social status) as important values of their partner.

For a man, to reproduce means having sex with as many women possible. Well, not really as many, he is also little picky. He wants his children to have a great combination of genes: he judges healthiness' of women’s genres based on her appearance (women do it too). Better looking woman means better genes.

I don’t say we are that dumb, but these are biological reflexes. Reflexes we inherited from 6 billions of evolution. Reflexes that influences us.

But, things changed nowadays. Women are more independent and men aren't that indispensable.

Wiser the person the less he cares about appearance and more he does about personality. As one friend told me: „After hundred nights what turns you on is not the size of her boobs but the size of her heart.“

Secondly, every woman is unique, every woman looks for slightly different things in men.

Depending on their culture some girls would value the most your intelligence, some would appreciate more your social status.

Mind blower? I don’t think so. We men know women are different from us and different between each other. If we used our brains a little bit, we would figure out what are they looking for in us. But still, most of us don’t use this knowledge.

Concept NO. 2: To get the best, be the best

To get her, just give her what she needs. Damn easy? Not really.

Show her your values, give her reason why she should date you! Show her what she needs to see.

So you are not wealthy? So what, most of us aren't. Show her other things you have.

Focus on your personality, there are few traits women appreciate in men:

  • Fun: tell her jokes, make fun of yourself and herself too :-) But: don’t be a clown, Don’t make disrespectful and dirty jokes.
  • Intelligence: show her how smart you are. Instead listing what you have achieved, rather prove it in discussion. Show her knowledge you have about HER interests/job.
  • Courage: show her your courage, you can tell stories (real), her but remember that actions are far more powerful.
  • Manliness: prove her you are a man. Show her you can lead. Show her that you know how to behave and how to dress. Lead the discussion and control the frame. Show her your responsibility.
  • Confidence: show her how you believe in yourself. Words aren't enough, support them by posture, gestures and even actions.
  • Romance: prove her that even when you are a tough man, you got big vulnerable romantic hearth.

Aren't you funny, intelligent, courageous, confident romantic man? Become one.

Many years ago, my friend told me „If you want to have a great partner, don’t look for one, don’t chase one; become one and they will appear by themselves“. The question is „Are you/have you been?“ The older em I, the more I see the wisdom in his quote.

Oh, and one more thing: you may be one the “seducer” but remember it’s always the girl who is having the final word/final pick.


Why tricks and routines does not work? Routines fakes your personality profile that most girls would appreciate. The first problem is with that word most, second is with the word fake. You can’t use the same tricks for different girls. And even if it works, after little time together, she will shortly find out that your behaviour/personality was fake. Then it’s loss of time, for both of you.

Yes, I do assume you are looking for love and not for one night stand. If you are looking for one night stands, you don’t need this article, you need to grow up.

Pick-up is easy. I'm concerned if you use these principles, you can seduce most of available girls. Many times you will fail and sometimes the girl just expect something different/something more - It does not matter because what makes it so easy is that you can always say NEXT.

Relationship is hard. Even when you try to be “the one”, you will fail a few times, because you are a human. The difference is in that NEXT, each relationship has only limited (if any) NEXTs and you can never count on them.

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