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A 2017 study by the New York department of sanitation found that plastic bags made up 2% of residential waste. The average consumer typically uses a single use plastic bag for twelve minutes. After those twelve minutes, it can take up to 1,000 years for a plastic bag to decompose.

The US immigration system creates many hardships for immigrant dancers, so why do they fight to stay in New York?

By Maria Luisa Mejia, Gabriella Fernandez and Emily Hoodenpyle, WC: 1626

After finishing her professional degree in English Studies in Hanoi, Vietnam, Linh An saw an opportunity to move to New York City due to the fact that her parents were working as diplomats there. Her goal was, and still is, to pursue a professional career in dance in both Musical Theater and Street Styles. The dance scene in Vietnam is more commercialized than the one in New York, An explains. The focus dancers have there has less to do with creating new art, and more to do with reusing old choreography and reordering mainstream dance sequences. …

Emily Hoodenpyle

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