5 Awesome Spots to Take a Date to in Toronto

Love is in the air, and whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, looking for a new and interesting date idea, or have a Tinder match that you just set up three hours ago, we’ve got you covered! If you’re not sure where to go, switch it up a little and check out some of our Hoods Guru recommendations for date nights.

My wife was afraid of the dark…then she saw me naked and now she’s afraid of the light.Rodney Dangerfield”

Bellwoods Brewery — A casual, fun date night with lots of craft beer and great conversations.

Calling all beer lovers because this is the place for you. This cozy brewery has some of the most flavourful, locally made beers from bright and hoppy IPAs to full-bodied stouts! There’s usually a line, so plan ahead — especially if you’re trying to impress that special someone. No matter the time of the year, cold snowy night or warm summer sunshine, Bellwoods Brewery is a perfect destination for that first date, third date, or anniversary. In the summer, you can sit on their large, white picket fenced patio, with communal seating and a great view of the beautiful Ossington strip. The food is always fresh, serving BC salt spring mussels to vegetarian falafel wraps and assorted cheeses that go perfectly with a beer (or 3). Built out of a converted garage, this trendy bar is often full of casually dressed young professionals. Depending on the day, it’s a perfect stopover between coming or going to Trinity Bellwoods Park after they’re done. Bellwoods Brewery has a great selection of beers made in-house along with some reserved batches they pull from barrels that while quantities last, are otherwise unavailable. So if you’re looking for a vodka cran maybe this isn’t the place for you. But if you’re someone special is a beer fanatic, take them to Bellwoods Brewery to show them why they’re so special.

The Corner — A night out filled with laughs and some of the most hilarious comedians.

The Corner is that simple, unassuming spot on the corner of John and Queen with fluorescent lights and curtain-covered windows. For those in the neighbourhood, it’s a community staple just down the road from Much Music, but for those that don’t know the Corner, it’s a comedy club hotspot. The Corner is a great option for lightening up the mood if you’re a little nervous going into a date on what to do or what to say. Let the comedians do the talking, while you just enjoy the jokes. They are open every night of the week and tickets are a standard $10. Monday’s are dedicated to open mic, where some of the best new talent can be discovered or where you can show off what you’ve got to your date. If you are a fan of raw, uncensored stand up comedy, the feature shows are a perfect match for you. Its christmas lights and wooden chairs make for a relaxing, homey style atmosphere that really helps you mentally prepare for the barrage of laughter coming your way. They always have a great lineup, but you can expect the busiest nights to be on weekends.

“What the hell was I painting?”

Mr. Flamingo — A romantic spot with tasty food and chill vibes.

Tucked away from the street, Mr. Flamingo is located on Dundas West, on the corner of Dovercourt. With no visible signage other than some fancy gold writing on the front door, this trendy joint offers shared plates and classic cocktails worth every penny spent. When you first walk in, you’ll notice it’s fairly small, dimly lit and likely busy, with tile floors and white exposed brick walls. The food portions can be smaller than usual if you’re a quantity over quality kind of eater, but what they lack in size they make up in flava-flave. The portions are designed to share (perfect for that date), so make sure to ask the staff on what goes with that goes with which wine. The restaurant has a bar-style design that caters to relaxed and comfortable vibes for easy conversations and good service, keeping things smooth and easy all night. Their big wooden bar serves up delicious cocktails, wine and beer underneath a beneath a fluorescent sign that reads, “We serve the world’s worst barbecued ribs.” Of course, they don’t actually sell ribs but feel free to ask the bartender who probably hears that question a dozen times a shift. On the weekends, it gets really busy, as it should, with Tinder dates and casual meetups rolling in in droves. So check out Mr. Flamingo for that perfect date night option to impress that future partner-to-be, for a great date night thing to do in Toronto.

Paintlounge — A fun date night where you’ll always have something to be remembered by.

Throw on your cultured apron, pick out your colours and tools, and get your creative juices flowing at Paintlounge for a great thing to do with a date in Toronto. Even if you aren’t the most artsy of people, this is such a fun date (or large group) idea to try. It’s an easy way to stay entertained and try something different, all while making your own version of Picasso’s Three Musicians. No art skills are required at the Paintlounge, so you can freestyle like the best of them, or try out one of their many workshops. If you need a book for inspiration, grab one of the many around the room that can help you with paint strokes to colour mixing. I highly recommend painting with a glass of wine, because wine makes everything better (and doubles as a canvas splash). Paintlounge staff make you feel excited to get things started with friendly smiles and creative ideas. It doesn’t take long until you’re sipping on coffee or wine behind an easel painting like a pro. And if your pro peaked around the skillset of a five year-old, sobeit, it’ll make for a hell of an icebreaker come date number two.

“What the hell was I painting?”

They have a bar in the back if you need a little break from all that hard work. It’s always a fun way to spend the evening with someone, avoiding the typical restaurant, bar or movie. Plus, there’s a bonus in getting to leave with your beautiful (“unique”) piece of artwork. They have two downtown locations, one on College Street and Queen Street East, both open six nights a week! So spice up your romance game with some Paintlounge artistic passion — one of the best in romantic things to do in Toronto.

El Caballito — A casual date night with delicious foodand tasty tequila.

El Caballito brings the complete Mexican vibe to Toronto, known for their range of delicious and wonderful tacos, homemade tortillas, their signature margaritas and select tequilas! Grab yourself a lovely date and go have a seat on their patio where you can enjoy the beautiful city of Toronto and the authenticity of Mexico. El Caballito really hits the mark, hosting a live mariachi band that’s always smiling and serving you cold Modelo’s to sip on while you chat. If you’re a late night snacker, head over to El Caballito just before midnight to grab a free taco — yes I said free — but don’t stop there…they have unbelievable guacamole, chicharron and pico de gallo. Did I mention they have tequila? It tends to get very busy and pretty loud, so prepare yourself for a bit of loud talking, but it’s so very worth it. El Caballito is the perfect spot for a cool date option in Toronto.

For whatever the type of romantic date you’re looking for, Hoods Guru has you covered with some of the best things to do on a date in Toronto. Get creative, laugh, and enjoy what Toronto has to offer with someone special.

Until next time,

Amanda F