Apple’s New MacBook Pro is the most amazing notebook I’m not going to buy.
Michael Long

A 15-inch MBP maxed out with AppleCare warranty is about $4000 (and still under-spec’d). You can’t swap out the SSD, the memory, or even the battery. To be able to use the new touchbar, you‘re also using the crappy new keyboard with no physical function keys or ESC key. Better not keep drinks on your desk, because the keyboard is still not spill-proof or user-serviceable. Also better hope no one trips over the cord. And if you’re alone in a coffee shop, there’s no way to secure it using the lock port that’s standard on every other laptop (including older model MBP’s). If history is any guide, it’ll also be riddled with bugs that Apple will deny right up until the class action lawsuit.

This is not a “sweet machine.” It’s an insult.

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