As a business software leader, Infor has more than 8,500 customers and 71 million global end-users spanning diverse industries including — but not limited to — healthcare, aerospace, construction and financial services. Delivering cohesive user experiences across industries, products and workflows is a challenge in the enterprise, especially at Infor since its products are built on different tech stacks.

As Infor’s experience design and development team, Hook&Loop is focused on delivering business success for Infor’s customers, while also creating satisfaction for the end user. …

Organizational culture is one of those intangibles that generates a lot of discussion, but often it’s hard to tell if those conversations lead anywhere. Look, I get that co-workers want work-sponsored activities for socializing, that team members want to know they are growing professionally and progressing along their career paths, and all like to feel good about coming to work every day. Ping Pong tables are fun, free snacks are great, and a comfortable, work-conducive space seems like a no-brainer. …


experience design at Infor

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