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Eman Alshawaf

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Of Louis Fauer works I did enjoy the two done in color but they were not the ones that captured my liking the most. The photograph of two people lighting cigarettes at night by riverside stood out to me quite a bit. Light helps illuminate the story of these two huddled together. Perhaps it was a windy night. I love the lights in the background along the pier and the soft glow from behind the tall building in the background ties it all together. Light definitely worked well as a subject in this photo just as well as the two individuals.

A real sleek one is the Park Avenue Garage done in 1950. The lack of lighting is the key in this photograph and it causes the chrome on the dark (black/blue) cars to gleam. I love how uniform the lines are; it brings unity and similarity to the composition.

Another I enjoyed was the one of the couple at Penn Station. The light coming in from the skylight is soft and inviting. The light helps tell the story because of the shadow it makes that the couple are seeming to hide in. It makes one think that there is secretive business going down. Although it doesn’t really work as a subject itself, it does help pull a story into the image.

Alec Soth’s pieces were interestingly drab to me. None of them really appealed to me and I don’t think lighting helped visual appeal with any of them except the one of the Ohio veteran. The Jimmie’s Apartment one gets some points for capturing the dreary state of poverty…it makes me think of an older, single man who plays in a local blues band for some reason.

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