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On this day, June 28, the NBA off-season continues to get more exciting. Just this morning, the Clippers have decided to trade Chris Paul to the Rockets, Clippers bound to lose Blake Griffin, Paul George remains open to going to the Cavs, Phil Jackson has been fired (finally), Cavs interested in obtaining Dwayne Wade and or Carmelo Anthony if their contracts are bought out, Kyle Lowry to the Timberwolves?, Carmelo possibly to the Rockets?, Gordon Hayward to the Celtics?… Did I leave anyone out?

It appears the NBA is soon to break as so many key players could find themselves playing for a different team next season. This off-season so far has been so crazy with trades, rumors, and tension leaving NBA fans with one question: What is going on? This past week alone has vanquished all of last year’s off-season with the biggest news last year being Kevin Durant to the Warriors. Already two huge stars of Jimmy Butler and Chris Paul have been traded to different teams and we haven’t even started free agency yet. It should hopefully be an incredible off-season, unless your team is the one starting the rebuild (sorry fans of Bulls and Clippers), and can’t wait to see what happens when free agency officially starts on Saturday.

P.S. one thing’s certain… 2k (and nba live) should be amazing next year.

Best wishes for fans of rebuilding teams,