When You Take a Job and Get Scammed
Nicole Dieker

I would have quit once I learned about the Chief Marketing Officer competing role. Those situations rarely work out, especially if that employee had an ear with the founders. She was doomed from the start.

This gives me some bad flashback vibes to when I worked for gaming company some time ago. I quit my previous job to make a lateral move from sales to marketing, and worked as a contractor while we got the office opened (I was employee #6 and there literally was no office location when I started). I probably didn’t get paid for the first two months including the month I worked without a contract, and eventually got switched to salaried about halfway through the year. Looking back on it taking that job really changed my career trajectory and I learned a ton, but there is no way I would do that again now that I am in my 30s. I suppose that is the promise of start ups though? For me this job was basically every horrible work experience a person could have rolled up into a single year.


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