On Work Families: Let’s Talk About Downton Abbey, Season 6 Episode 7
Nicole Dieker

Lord Crowley thinks it’s impractical to keep so much staff at Downton given the times, which is partially why they are pushing out Thomas, but is it wise? How old is Mr. Carson? 70, 75? I’m sure he’d love to work at Downton until he keels over and dies (quietly, in the servants hall, causing no one upstairs any trouble), but honestly how many years of full time work does he have left? Maybe 5? It seems incredibly short sighted to get rid of Thomas, a young man who can do Mr. Carson’s job with ease and who could stay at his post for another 30+ years. Who knows how long it would take to find a replacement should Mr. Carson pass or become unable to work? Of course none of that matters because no one likes Thomas and that is why he has to leave.

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