How Much Should Jeans Cost?
Megan Reynolds

My favorites are Citizens, Current/Elliot, and Rag and Bone. I think most of these retail around $125–250, but I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than $150 a pair, usually around $100–$125 by finding sales. But! I almost always pay to get the waist tailored at an additional $30. That’s probably why I try to get them on sale. Mentally paying $200+ for a pair seems like my breaking point though.

I like jeans with a bit of stretch, and usually the size that accommodates my thighs and butt nicely but ends up too big in the waist. I have a magical tailor, and she advised me to size and buy for my legs and she’d take care of the rest. I am actually kinda curious to try out these Citizens because I have NEVER found a pair that fits my legs + butt and doesn’t gape at the waist.

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