An Interview With a Co-Worker Who Won $3 Million in the New York Lottery
Amanda Green

We don’t have enough info in this article to say he has a gambling problem. I think it’s useful to examine what we think *should* be considered a hobby. If this guy spent just as much money weekly playing golf as he does on the lottery, would we say he has a golfing problem? I am not trying to be ridiculous, but I think we tend to look down on folks who gamble. It definitely can go sideways for a lot of people (if not most), but for some it’s a hobby that they budget for, and they then spend within that budget. Sounds like this dude just loves to gamble and it isn’t effecting his life poorly. He set up good boundaries with his children and family around this money, the money didn’t cause the split with his wife, and he’s still working. He sounds like the poster child for what one ought to do if they won.