Life 10 Years From Today, 2026

“Design the future world we want to live in.” -Brian Chesky, Co-founder of AirBnB

As a startup founder, it’s helpful to think about what life will look like in the future. It allows us to focus on how we can shape that future today. This is my day 10 years from now — or at least the day I hope for.

6am: I slowly start to wake up. My body is still somewhat tired, but my mind starts racing with ideas and excitement for the day ahead. I grab my goggles from the bed stand and put them on. I see my wife is online. She is in the middle of a month-long trip through Europe with her best friend. She tells me about how wonderful her trip has been. She shows me some of the 360 videos she has taken. She says the co-working spaces out there are amazing too — great people, with really interesting ideas and backgrounds. She says we should move out there for a few months with the kids. I push back a little. The kids love their tutors here. She reminds me that the virtual classes can be taken anywhere so they’ll have access to the very best teachers just like everyone else and there are some highly trained in-person tutors in that area too for help with assignments and any other assistance.

She asks how my job is going. I tell her that I expect to finish up later today so I planned to take a few minutes this morning to see what I want to do next. I’m also going to check out a new co-working space that just opened up nearby. How exciting she says. We wish each other a good day and then close out the session.

I pull up some of the latest job recommendations. One is for a company trying to improve large-scale 3D scanning of real-world environments. Their mission is to give people the sensation of going anywhere in the world and at any point in history. How exciting! That would be great for my kids. They could learn about the Roman Colosseum by seeing it as it existed when it was first built and walking around it in the virtual world.

I take a closer look at what type of help they need and what problems they are trying to solve, but I hold off on responding.

6:30am: I take off the goggles and make sure the kids are up before jumping in the shower. I spend the entire time in the shower thinking about that company. A past job I did was focused on predicting future events using a small amount of visual data. I believe there is a similar approach to use visual data for predicting how things looked in the past.

I jump out of the shower and send my ideas to the company.

I get dressed and then tap my bracelet a few times to schedule 2 transportation pods: 1 for me and 1 for my kids.

7am: I grab the fresh food at my doorstep and whip up a breakfast for me and the kids. Just as we finish my bracelet lights up to indicate that the pods are 2 minutes away.

When the pods arrive, I put the kids in the first one to take them to their tutors where they can get help with last night’s online classes. I then jump in the second pod which will take me to the new co-working space that I’ve been wanting to checkout.

8am: Just as I arrive at the co-working space, my bracelet lights up to indicate that I have a response from the company I sent a message to earlier, but I ignore it for now.

The co-working space is beautiful. As I walk-in, I’m greeted by a person at the front desk. She offers me a tour and says that my first week is free.

As she walks me around, she talks about how this used to be a large bank, but it waited too long to transition to digital currency services. She introduces me to some of the people that work there and talks about their various events and amenities. She says they try to cater to any type of preferred work environment and are building a network all around the world with other co-working spaces which makes it easy if you wanted to travel more.

9am: I find an area to work from with nice views of the outside. I spend a couple hours getting ready for a final review of a job I’m finishing up.

11am: The final review starts. It includes a couple of the company managers and some people I worked on the job with. It was a good meeting. We’ve been in constant contact throughout the entire 8 months of the job so there were no surprises. There were a few suggestions given for improvements and they asked if I was interested in implementing them. In return, they offered a manager position which means a share of the profits and responsibility to find and review other people that can help the company. I said I’d think it over before ending the session.

12pm: A couple people ask if I want to go have lunch with them. We check out a nearby place and had a great conversation. They had some really interesting stories about places they’ve been and jobs they’ve had.

1pm: Lunch is over and I settle back in to my new space. I check out the message from the 3D scanning company I contacted in the morning. They were very interested in my ideas and gave me a generous amount of coin for sharing it with them. They ask me to expand on it a bit more.

I spend a couple hours laying out some of my ideas in more detail.

3pm: I send out those ideas and let them know I’m happy to talk through it. Two of the manager reply back almost immediately and say that they’d love to meet. I put on my goggles and we setup a virtual session. They ask some great questions and appear to be truly passionate about what they are trying to accomplish. It gets me even more excited. They send me some more coin to show their appreciation for my time and say that they want to talk to some of the other managers to see if a job can be setup with pay that aligns with what I’d expect.

5pm: I head to the gym for a workout.

6pm: I head home and wait for my kids. When they arrive, I cook up dinner with some of the food that arrived that morning.

7pm: I setup a virtual session so the kids can talk to their mom. We all miss her and can’t wait for her to come home, but having these sessions does make it easier.

9pm: My bracelet lights up to indicate that I have a message from the company that I shared my ideas with earlier. They have an enticing offer. 6 months of full time work with 2 weeks at their testing facility where they will integrate my work with their 3D scanning bots and do some testing. At the end, I’ll be considered for a manager position. The pay is reasonable and I like what they’re trying to do.

I think I’ll sleep on it — although I’m so excited that I might have trouble sleeping!


This depiction of the future might be far off from reality, but it captures what I want to see. The question is, what part of this do I want to help make a reality? There are the virtual goggles, intelligent bracelets, autonomous cars, fresh food deliveries, digital currencies, co-working spaces, and new education approaches for kids. Yet, the part that is most exciting to me is the new way of working. Making it easy for people to connect with companies and work on things that are interesting to them from anywhere in the world. It gets to the frustrations I’ve had with my past work and I think if we can get it right, it will result in happier people and better companies.

I hope to do this with my startup, coinhoot.

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